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What is a curry kit?

It's more than just a spice mix. Each of our curry kits comes with 3 to 4 different components that help you scratch cook a delicious healthy curry... In our curry kits you'll find a combination of things like:

  • Boom Base - our all natural base onion gravy stock and the cornerstone of any Anglo-Indian Curry
  • Boom Spice Mix - each of curry kits comes with it's own blend of 10, or more, fresh spices
  • Boom Coconut - unlike some spice kits that call for you to add coconut if you need it with our recipes we supply it 
  • Boom Whole Spices - help build depth of flavour and add character to certain recipes
  • Boom Chillies - for that curry house kick.

What recipe kits are in the Boom Kitchen Range? 

The range currently consists of 7 recipe kits

Learn more by clicking on the recipe names above or visiting our learn about the range page.


What else do I need to buy to make a curry with Boom Kitchen Curry Kit?

It varies by recipe but essentially it's your meat and or veg, oil, clove of garlic (sometimes 2), then depending on the recipe you may need cupboard or fridge staples such as tomato puree, yogurt or cream, vinegar, onion, tomotoes, bell peppers, salt and sugar to taste.


How much do they cost?

Our RRP is £3.50 a curry kit with a minimum order of 4 kits for customers in the UK. Outside the UK a minimum order value of £30 on curry kits and/or merchandise applies with postage charged on top, calculated at a country level. For more details see our International Shipping Guide.


Are your curry kits healthy?

Our curry kits are intrinsically healthy. One of the reasons we set up Boom Kitchen is because we were tired of gloopy chuck in sauces packed with salt and sugar. Another motivation was wanting more control over the quality of produce that goes into our curries - e.g. it's not always easy to guarantee free range or organic chicken when you order from a restaurant or buy a ready meal from a supermarket. 


Do Boom Kitchen use any additives or preservatives?

No. All our kits are made from all natural ingredients and contain no additives or preservatives. When we blend our spices we don't use anti-caking agents (nasty stuff that the big boys use to aid mass processing). In the curry kits where we supply coconut we provide a sachet of coconut that is free from sulphur dioxide (SO2) and E220.


Do your curry kits contain salt and sugar?

We don't add any salt or sugar. You add this at home to taste. Any salt or sugar present in the nutritional breakdown will be naturally occurring.


Are your curry kits suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Absolutely, the ingredients we supply are 100% vegetarian and vegan friendly. In some cases you will need to substitute ingredients. for example if you are vegan you will need to substitute yogurt and cream for a none dairy alternative.


Are your curry kits gluten free?

Yes they are all Gluten Free.


I have set up a Boom Kitchen account, is there a way to update my email address?

No. Currently you need to contact us and we will manually update the email address associated with your account.