Our range currently consists of seven recipe kits - comprising of five British Indian style curry kits, one Sri Lankan curry kit and lastly our NEW Moroccan Tagine kit.

Each kit comes with three or four sachets of spice mixes, stocks, dried chillies or coconut and very easy cooking instructions to create a restaurant-quality meal for two to four people depending on the kit. All the varieties are vegan friendly and though most kits suggest chicken as the main protein, further suggestions are available here.

Jalfrezi Heatwave Curry Recipe Meal Kit

All our kits...
  • are made from all natural ingredients
  • contain no additives or preservatives
  • are gluten free
  • contain no added sugar or salt (you add this at home to taste)
  • are suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • contain spices that have not been mixed with anti-caking agents (nasty stuff that the big boys use to aid mass processing)
  • are free from sulphates e.g. sulphur dioxide (SO2) and E220
  • are free from oil - you add this at home so can choose to go organic, cold pressed, high smoke point etc.

Boom Kitchen Curry Recipe Meal Kits are made with all natural ingredients

Recipes in the range

The range currently consists of seven recipe kits.

To buy and sample our entire range order our Magnificent Seven Product. To learn more about the individual recipes click recipe name above or visiting our recipes page

The Boom Kitchen Curry Recipe Meal Kit Range

The building blocks

We source the best quality spices and ingredients then take care of all the measuring, grinding and blending so you can enjoy fun, faff free, scratch cooking. 

Building blocks include...

Boom Base™ 

Boom Base ™ is our magical onion based gravy stock. One of the secrets behind restaurant flavour and a nice thick curry sauce is your base onion gravy. Most Indian restaurant chefs will have a closely guarded, "Mamma's secret" base recipe.

The base is the cornerstone of most popular Anglo-Indian dishes which means no matter what you order; Korma, Tikka, Rogan Josh, Dhansak, Jalfrezi, Midrass or Vindaloo, chances are the same base will have been used.

It's the rest of the spices and ingredients that create the unique character of each dish. 

    Boom Kitchen Boom Base Onion Base Gravy

    Our Base is made from 100% natural ingredients and features in all but our Sri Lankan curry kit. It contains; onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, paprika, turmeric, fenugreek, cardamom, coriander, cumin.

    Boom Spice Mix 

    All of our spice mixes contain 9 or more different spices that we source from ethical traders. We don't use anti-caking agents in our blends or any artificial colours or preservatives.

    Our Tikka Tarka Masala get's its signature red-pink colour from dehydrated beetroot.

    Dried Chillies

    Instead of loading our spice mixes with chilli powder that can overpower other flavours, we choose to give you whole chillies in our hotter kits (Jalfrezi Heatwave, Lady Naga and Ayubowan Sri Lankan).

    Boom Kitchen Lady Naga Curry Recipe Kit with Naga Chillies

    These whole chillies add another dimension to your dish when it comes to the flavours and heat levels you can build. If you're looking to intensify the heat you can slice and dice your chillies and fully incorporate them into your dish. If you're looking to hold back you leave them out or go for a cheeky half. 

    Our Lady Naga kit, Boom's twist on the vindaloo and curry-house naga curry, comes with a whole Naga Bhut Jolokia chilli. Eat it and it's going to blow your socks off - it's 400 times hotter than tobasco sauce! 

    The idea here is to infuse your base with the gorgeous fruity flavour of the Naga chilli. The longer you leave it in, the more dangerous your liaison with the Lady becomes. The heat sensation the Naga chilli, sometimes called the Ghost, provides (when you infuse your base but don't actually eat it) is like someone's turned up the thermostat on your body's central heating.

    Forget Martin Lewis the money saving expert... If you want to reduce your gas or electricity bills this winter look no further than Lady Naga. We ask the hardcore who insist on eating the Naga chilli to e-sign our disclaimer before you do so.

    Ground coconut

    Found in our Karma Korma, Tikka Tarka Masala and Ayubowan Sri Lankan recipes. Our fine ground coconut is is re free from sulphates e.g. sulphur dioxide (SO2) and E220. 

    Boom Kitchen Ground Coconut for Curry Recipe Meal Kits

    Whole Spices

    Found in our Karma Korma, Magic Bhuna and Ayobowan Sri Lankan curry kits the role of your whole spices is purely to add flavour at the very beginning of your cook.

    As their name suggests whole spices are whole and not ground! Their big lumps of spice; things like clove, cardamom and cinnamon. Because of that you need to work a bit harder to get their flavour out. 

    Boom Kitchen Whole Spices for Curry Recipe Meal Kits

    Without getting too nerdy the flavour in whole spices are locked in as oils and the best way to get them out is to heat them in oil (sorry Frylight, you may be low cal but your not the best when it comes to extracting maximum flavour from whole spices). 

    Add your whole spices right at the beginning - straight after your pan and oil is up to temperature. You want your oil to be hot so a bit of snap crackle and pop should be expected.

    30 seconds to a minute is normally enough and when you can smell the aromas its normally a pretty good indicator that you've got the flavour out and it's time to push on with the rest of the cook before you burn those suckers.