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Quick and simple British-Indian style curry kits.
All-natural ingredients, includes our secret base stock for a true restaurant flavour. Gluten-free and vegan friendly.

What's inside a Boom Kitchen Curry Kit
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Know your onions

The secret to a restaurant-quality curry is the base stock. Made from slowly caramelised onions cooked with herbs and spices, every UK curry house will have a stockpot filled with its base gravy recipe.

The reason it's called a base stock, or base onion gravy, is because it provides the foundation for nearly all your classic Anglo-Indian curry dishes.

If you've ever tried making one, you'll know they take hours. Boom saves you the time and tears it takes to make a rich onion gravy.

Boom Kitchen's Secret Boom Base Indian Base Gravy Stock

It's all about the base

Boom Base is a dehydrated onion based curry stock. It's the SAS of the curry ingredients world, ready for rapid deployment at a seconds notice.

Just add hot water, then prep your ingredients while your Boom Base comes to life.

Cook like a TV chef

Boom kits are more than a spice mix.

They contain all the exotic ingredients you need to make crowd-pleasing dishes at home. Each recipe kit comes with three to four building blocks of curry flavour. All the whole spices, chillies, spice blends and coconut you need, pre-measured and supplied in a chuck-in-the-pan format.

All you need to do is supply and prep a few cupboard staples. Then it's time to bring it all together, TV chef style.

The Ingredients that Boom Kitchen supply chillies, whole spices, spice mixes and coconut
recreate British curry house experience
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Bhuna Recipe Indian Curry Kit from Boom Kitchen

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Karma Korma Curry Kit Boom Kitchen

Karma Korma

Stay the right side of the karma police with our mouthwateringly mellow blend of whole spices and coconut and we'll pass on the good vibes with a 10p donation to the FRANK Water project in India.

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Tikka Tarka Masala

Like a tikka but a little ‘Otter'. Tikka spices run deep and delicious over coconut while Boom Base ensures a full-on flood of flavour.

Meet Tikka Tarka

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Tikka Tarka Masala Curry Recipe Kit
Magic Bhuna Curry Recipe Kit

Magic Bhuna

The aromatic magic carpet ride starts the moment you chuck the whole spices into the pan. Cinnamon and cloves woven with smoky black cardamom on a bouncy underlay of Kashmiri Chilli. 

Meet Magic Bhuna

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Jalfrezi Heatwave

Sure is hot in here. Maybe it's the generous supply of hot finger chillies and punchy spices? But don't sweat it, crack open a cold one and bask in the authentic curry house heat.

Meet Jalfrezi Heatwave

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Jalfrezi Heatwave Curry Recipe Kit
Lady Naga Vindaloo Curry Recipe Kit

Lady Naga Vindaloo

Our fiery femme fatale will seduce you with her sweetness and complexity, but beware the kiss of death; the longer you leave the infamous Naga chilli in the mix, the more dangerous this liaison becomes. 

Meet Lady Naga

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Ayubowan Sri Lankan

Ayubowan! Say hello to our little friend. it's inspired by a  Sri Lankan greeting, but this Ayubowan is anything but polite, getting up in your face with black pepper, fiery finger chillies and aromatic curry leaves. (Nice when you get to know it mind.) 🇱🇰🙏

Meet Ayubowan Sri Lankan

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Ayubowan Sri Lankan Curry Recipe Kit
Mellow Moroccan Tagine Recipe Kit

Mellow Moroccan

Time to fez up. We're off to the souk to enter a Moroccan maze of flavour that twists and turns through heady cumin and coriander, earthy turmeric and sweet cinnamon, with a gentle hustle-bustle of black pepper. Shukrun.

Meet Mellow Moroccan

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