Boom Kitchen's Curry Kits make great Corporate Gifts

If you're looking for corporate gift ideas Boom Kitchen's offer is second to naan!  

Boom Kitchen's Curry Kits make great Corporate Gifts. Treat clients or say thank you to team members with our range of fun, healthy and delicious curry kits. Why not throw a corporate curry night? Break naan with your team face-to-face or even over a zoom call.

Because your staff and clients deserve the best

In 2021 the Independent newspaper spent more than a month testing various curry kits. After 20 hours cooking 28 different dishes Boom Kitchen's offer came out on top.

Corporate Gifts Curry Kits from Boom Kitchen

Personal service no matter how big your company

It doesn't matter how big your company is,  get in touch via any of the following and we'll cook up a corporate gift offer.

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 A curry kit is not just for Christmas 

Sure our curry kits make great Christmas gifts and will transform any left over turkey on Boxing Day,  but you needn't wait to the end of the year. 

From rewarding stars of the month to spicing up a post-project "well done",  our curry kits are a great way to make your colleagues and customers feel appreciated.

Corporate Curry Night

Why not throw a remote corporate curry night? The Boom Kitchen team are happy to do live cook-alongs for your team over Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Trying to pick the perfect date for a company curry night? National Curry Week is an annual event that normally takes place in early October.

Corporate Curry Nights from Boom Kitchen

Delivery to your office or straight to your recipients letter box

We are happy to send gifts to your office or to cut out the middleman entirely with a delivery straight your recipient's letter box,  perfect if you have remote workers.

Supply us with a spreadsheet with all the names and addresses and we'll provide a headache free postage service.

Dried chillies, coconut, stocks and spices from our curry kits

No one likes a leaky parcel! 

Boom Kitchen's curry kits are made up of fresh, dried ingredients so there's no danger of your parcel leaking. Each curry kit includes a combination of:

  • fresh whole spices and spice blends
  • dry curry gravy stocks 
  • dried chillies (for our spicier options)
  • ground coconut

Worried about corporate recipients being away on holiday?

It doesn't matter if your gift sits un-opened on a desk or in a hallway for a couple of weeks, even months! Because we rely on the home chef to supply the fresh ingredients you can rest easy knowing your kind gesture won't spoil if not opened immediately. 

Corporate Gifts Curry Kits from Boom Kitchen Open Package

We've got a curry kit for every corporate customer

Even if they don' like curry! Read on. 

While it's hard to find someone who doesn't like curry,  we understand people can be particular when it comes how hot they like it. We also appreciate there may be special dietary requirements in play.

All our curry kits are gluten-free and compatible with a vegan diet by following our meat free recipe ideas.

Our Karma Korma, Tikka Tarka Masala are perfect for self confessed spice dodgers.

Have a macho chilli-head contingent? Let our Jalfrezi Heatwave and Lady Naga Vindaloo see to them.

World flavours
Go beyond our classic Anglo-Indian Curry house classics with our Mellow Moroccan Tagine and Ayubowan Sri Lankan curry kits. 

Garlic and Herb
We don't have a garlic and herb kit, it's not really our scene. But because we don't want to leave anyone out, if you do know someone that can't handle a Korma we'll take care of them with a special chicken and chips,  "lemon and herb" Nandos voucher. 

Lemon and herb not so brave nandos flag


"We used National Curry Week 2021 as an opportunity to get in touch with our Customers and to let our Associates and Staff know that their hard work is appreciated.

The Boom Kitchen Team were a pleasure to work with and accommodated our requests to include bespoke inserts. We can not recommend them highly enough."

Carly Johns, Marketing Manager at Bush & Co.