12 x Jalfrezi Heatwave

£38.00 £48.00
  • Bundle of 12 | Jalfrezi Heatwave Curry Recipe Kit

12 x Jalfrezi Heatwave

£38.00 £48.00

Keep your cupboards stocked with a Boom Bundle and never miss out on an impromptu curry night again. 

Sure is hot in here...

...maybe it's the generous supply of hot finger chillies and punchy spices? But don't sweat it, crack open a cold one and bask in the authentic curry house heat.

Your Jalfrezi Heatwave curry recipe kit will serve 2-3 people and includes:

  • Boom Base™ - our magical onion based gravy stock
  • Boom Spice Mix - a blend of 10 freshly ground spices
  • Boom Finger Chillies - they're a little bit cheeky
  • Shopping list - for the fresh bits you need at home 
  • Easy peasy cooking instructions - with pictures!  

    This curry kit is gluten free and suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians with substitutions to the 'add-at-home' ingredients.


    For more information including, full cooking instructions, ingredients, allergens and nutritional information please visit our Jalfrezi Heatwave recipe page

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