Medium-Hot Curry Kit Starter Box

  • Medium Hot Curry Recipe Kit Box with Bhuna, Sri Lankan, Jalfrezi and Lady Naga Vindaloo kits

Medium-Hot Curry Kit Starter Box


Turn up the heat in the kitchen with starter box of 4 medium-hot curry kits.

Each kit serves 2
Can stretch to 3 with added meat/veg

Cooking time 25-30 mins

Typical shelf life 12 months

  • Magic Bhuna | Medium/hot 😉
  • Ayubowan Sri Lankan | Hot 🌶
  • Jalfrezi Heatwave | Hot 🌶🌶
  • Lady Naga Vindaloo | Dynamite 🌶🌶🌶

TIP: Our Lady Naga Vindaloo comes with a whole de-hydrated Naga chilli. This is super hot if you eat it. However, if you remove it from the cooking pot you can get away with a medium heat infusion. It really is down to you how long you leave it in the pot - we recommend tasting as you go. For a super hot version slice the naga chilli up into tiny pieces. 

These recipe kits include all the stocks and spices you need to cook an authentic curry from scratch.

Each kit includes 3-4 different ingredient sachets inside. All you need to provide is your veg/protein and some cupboard staples. 

Every kit comes with it's own shopping list and easy to follow cooking instructions (with pictures!). 

All ingredients inside our kits are Gluten Free and suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

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