Mild-Medium Box

  • Mild-Medium-Curry-Kit-Selection-Gift-Box-From-Boom-Kitchen

Mild-Medium Box


Box of four mild-medium scratch cooking curry kits

  • Karma Korma | Mild 💅
  • Tikka Tarka Masala |  Medium 🙂
  • Magic Bhuna | Medium/hot 😉  TIP: Cool it down with some yogurt 
  • Mellow Moroccan Tagine | Mild 💅


These recipe kits include all the stocks and spices you need to cook an authentic curry from scratch.

Each kit includes 3-4 different ingredient sachets inside. All you need to provide is your veg/protein and some cupboard staples. 

Every kit comes with it's own shopping list and easy to follow cooking instructions (with pictures!). 

All ingredients inside our kits are Gluten Free and suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.


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