Totally Flexible Subscription

£14.00 £16.00
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Totally Flexible Subscription

£14.00 £16.00

Get started with one delivery and  4 curry kits per month.

Or change your starting delivery interval above.

Pick four recipes to get stared with and change at any time. 

New Bali Rendang kit coming soon!

Skip deliveries

You can choose to skip a delivery anytime provided we have not already dispatched it.

Switch recipes

There are lots of options to switch things up - from the recipes we send to the date we send and even the address we send to!


Save £2 on every order. Boom's kits are great value compared to alternative spice mixes. Each kit contains 3-4 different ingredient components, that's a lot of curry bang for your buck. 

Cancel anytime

You can cancel your subscription anytime by logging in or emailing us at

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