Boom Kitchen now available in Booths

Boom Kitchen now available in Booths

We're delighted to announce that our curry recipe kits will now be available in Booths, the supermarket chain in the North of England often referred to as the 'Waitrose of the North'.

Booths have selected 4 Curry Recipe Kits from the Boom Kitchen range that will  be situated in their international food aisle and available in select stores from November 2016.

Booths will be listing our Karma Korma, Tikka Tarka Masala, Magic Bhuna and Jalfrezi Heatwave curry recipe kits.

To start with we will be in half of their 28 stores across Lancashire, Cumbria, Yorkshire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester.

Our Lady Naga Curry Recipe Kit was considered a little 'too fiery 'for the Booths’ customer. 

‘Guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet?
But your kids are gonna love it.’

Quote: Michael J Fox, Back to the Future following his Johnny B. Goode performance at his young parent’s Prom Night.

Jim Doel, co-founder at Boom Kitchen said, ‘To get listed in a premium supermarket like Booths is a really proud moment for us. It's our first supermarket so we’re chuffed to get in at the top with Booths and revelling the chance to mix it up with the big boys and girls in the international foods category.’

Carl Anderson, co-founder added, ‘We’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to get Boom’s range of curry kits ready for the supermarkets. We're looking forward to working with Booths. Now roll on the next one!’