The story behind the sticker tower

Tower made from Boom Kitchen Curry Kit sachet stickers

During a website spring clean I found this blog post with the title "Sticker tower... busy!", the image and nothing else. 

I considered deleting it, but with our blog looking sparse I thought I'd try and embellish it. So here's the story behind the colourful stickers we use to 1. help you identify the recipe components inside our curry kits and 2. occupy our children when we “nip up Boom HQ”.

Entertaining the kids with boom kitchen curry kit  stickers

Boom's stickers

This will be handy to know if you ever come work for us, or find yourself on Mastermind, specialist subject Boom Kitchen.

We have 7 stickers that we use across the range:

  • Boom Spice Mix
  • Boom Base
  • Boom Whole Spices
  • Boom Coconut
  • Boom Finger Chillies
  • Boom Naga Chilli
  • Boom Tikka Marinade.

I'm going to try and teach you something about each of these. First up...

Boom Spice Mix Sticker

Every Boom curry kit comes with a spice mix sachet with this sticker adorned. However, not all our spice mixes are the same. You may think that sounds like madness - a recipe for us, well er, mixing up our spice mix recipes. Far from it. The generic Boom Spice Mix sticker is a masterstroke in recipe user experience design, supply chain optimisation, and procurement savvy. Or to put it simply It costs us less to print a generic spice mix sticker than it does to print one for each recipe. 

If you're following you'll now know we have 6 curry kit recipes, all with a spice mix and the same sticker, but not necessarily all with the same spice mix inside.

This is where it gets tricky. Some of our curry kits do have the same spice mix. Dun-dun -dah!!

Having tried and failed to write long hand how ingenious we've been streamlining our recipe formulas, I've resorted to making a table which gives a pretty good insight into what the Boom Kitchen Spice Rack looks like:

Boom Kitchen Curry Kit  Boom Garam Masala equivalent (our own blend) Extra Chilli Powder Extra Turmeric Tikka Spice Mix (our own blend) Sri Lankan Spice Mix  (our own blend)
Karma Korma 1/2 tsp - 1 tsp - -
Tikka Tarka Masala  - - - Yeah! -
Magic Bhuna 2 tsp 1/2 tsp - - -
Jalfrezi Heatwave 2 tsp 1 tsp - - -
Lady Naga 2 tsp 1 tsp - - -
Ayubowan Sri Lankan - - - - Yeah!


That was exhausting. I'm going take a break and come back to the others.


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