Test driving the Boom Korma

So the team have been busy working on the cooking instructions this week. Carl's been in the kitchen with his stopwatch fine-tuning the cooking timings. Claire's been beavering away on her mac crafting our illustrated, idiot proof, instructions. I was nominated as chief idiot proof instructions tester - here's how he got on ;P

Prep - 10 mins

Boom korma prep

Arrows on pics show what you get in the Boom Korma curry kit

  • Top left (blue bowl)... Boom Base™ re-hydrating itself nicely
  • Desiccated coconut and almonds in leftover  ramekin dishes (tasty puds and if you put all your prepped ingredients in them you feel like a TV chef!)
  • Boom™ Korma spice mix - Boom's house garam masala with some extra turmeric
  • Boom™ whole spices including cinnamon, green cardamom and cloves
The bits you need (not in the curry kit) are: veg oil, cream, coriander, garlic, chicken and bit of salt and sugar to taste.

    Cook 15 mins

    Nice and easy! Oil, whole spices, chicken, garlic, Boom Spice mix, Boom Base - amazing how this thickens up, Boom Coconut and cream mix. Victory in a wok!

       For the finishing touch some flaked almonds and a splash of cider. 

      Step 2

      Our idiot proof instructions are broken down into 4 steps. Step 2 was my favourite as it calls for the chef to "crack open a beer". Like it!

      My step 2 of choice was Co-Op's own-brand Strong Dry Cider. Something this cheap shouldn't taste this good! It's proved a highly refreshing and tasty source of inspiration of late (fuelling many a late night Boom NPD session!). Turns out that it also goes well with our Korma... a slightly sharp, fizzy jet-wash that cleans and compliments the 5 C's (cream, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and coconut) in our Korma.


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